Hull lines design

Flow offers unique hydrodynamic design and solutions for hull lines, propulsion arrangement and appendages.

The hull design should be a good balance between low hull resistance, efficient propulsion good sea keeping performance and dynamic stability, a great maneuverability and yet good course keeping performance. We also take into account our clients experience and preferences.

For hull line optimization, we utilizes CFD calculations and model tests, when needed. Based on our experience, statistical and empirical models, CFD calculations or model test, speed power predictions are given.

Optimized hull lines are delivered as tuned and faired 3D surfaces ready for production. Flow also offers to render the complete vessel, which makes it possible to get an impression of the vessel in an early stage of the design process.

Flow offers to handle the planning, purchasing, survey and second opinion of the evaluated model test results of model tests, also for project were we are not responsible for the hull design.

During the building process of the vessel we follow up the project all the way to sea trial. Flow offers sea trial planning, measurement, survey and analysis of the measured results. We follow up the performance at sea trial to assure top end performance.