Performance improvement

The sea is the ultimate judger of the performance.

The design of hull, propulsion, appendages and superstructure in relation to displacement, the center of gravity, installed power etc, should converge to an excellent performance.

This is not always the case and many vessels suffers from poor speed performance, poor maneuverability or course keeping, dynamic instability, un acceptable wash waves etc.

As speed increases the demands for optimal design becomes essential to eliminate poor performance or dangerous behavior.

A hull design that has proven to be seaworthy for one applications might turn out to be dynamically instable for one other applictations. Bow and chine riding or chine walking and porpoising are examples of very unpleasant and even dangourus behaviors that might occur for an unbalanced boat design.

Too many vessels suffers from poor maneuverability that could be avoided by minor measures or a better rudder design

Much of noise experienced on board are generated by the flow around the hull and appendages. Cavitation induced noise and erosion damages to hull, blockage of inlets or rudder ventilation are other examples of problems that are more likely to occur as speed increases. Also at lower speeds the flow around poorly designed appendages might cause extensive noise and vibrations.

Flow offers design review, inspection, measurments, analyses and solutions to improve the hydrodynamic performance and comfort on board.Flow has the experience, tools and methods to find the sources and eliminate the problems in a time and cost efficient way. We have the ability to recognize the behavior or problem, to find the cause and to propose and design a contour measure that is booth efficient and esthetic acceptable. After mofdification a validation of the modification is conducted to assure that the solution is found.